MISSION: To foster dialogue, education, and collaboration on environmental issues in the Houston / Gulf Coast region.

    CEC is an information clearinghouse and communications network for environmental issues in the Houston / Galveston, Texas, area. We serve the public by bringing many diverse groups together to build awareness and stimulate discussion about environmental issues in the region. Our programs include forums that give a balanced perspective on environmental issues and information vehicles that enhance understanding.

    On-going CEC programs include:

    * Environmental Exchange - Our monthly newsletter features in-depth local news stories and the most comprehensive environmental calendar in our area.
    * Environmental News Update - A weekly email publication covering upcoming environmental events as well as current environmental news.
    * Environmental Resource Guide - An annual listing of our environmental member groups, local government contact information, and more.
    * Environmental Information Line - A phone line dedicated to giving person-to-person information about environmental organizations and issues. Citizens with question about recycling, air quality, water quality, voting, and many other issues call CEC to find out which group addresses their concern.
    * Houston Earth Day - A day of education, celebration, and action on environmental issues, co-sponsored with the Rice University Environmental Club.
    * Houston Environmental Center - Located at 3015 Richmond, the HEC provides office space for 11 environmental non-profits, along with meeting spaces used by dozens more.

    To Contact Us:

    Office phone: 713/524-4CEC (4232)

    Eco-Information Line: 713/524-4ECO (4326)

    FAX: 713/524-3311

    Snail: P. O. Box 27579, Houston, Texas 77227-7579

    E-mail: David Gresham, Executive Director
    Sarah Morgan, Environmental Reporter