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Galveston Bay Issues

Scenic Galveson, Inc.

(and Friends of the I-45 Estuary)
An Affiliate of Scenic Texas, Inc. & Scenic America

20 Colony Park Circle
Galveston, Texas 77551
409-744-7431/Fax: 409-744-1456

Evangeline Loessin Whorton, Chairman

Lalise L.W. Mason, Restoration Chair
713-664-1870/Fax: 713-664-1870

Leo A. Reitan, Long Range Planning

Purpose Statement: The acquisition and restoration of the 900+-acre saltmarsh estuary gateway surrounding Interstate-45 in the wetlands corridor leading to Galveston Island.

Publications: Regular updates and project news to members and to estuary “friends” group. An Estuary Alerts email list for individuals interested in our wetlands projects.

Major Events: Wetlands Plant/Bird/Water Quality Monitoring; Wetlands Planting Days, spring-fall weekends, various tracts; Estuary Cleanup & Work Days, quarterly (April & Sept. Cleanups with TGLO Adopt-a-Beach).

Children's Activities: Developing a "Little Peoples" marsh off the I-45 corridor adjacent to the east of the Santa Fe overpass bridge.

Volunteer Opportunities: Estuary work days; students, birding groups and other interested visitors always welcome.