Live Webcast: Holding Fossil Fuel Companies Liable for Climate Change Harms

Emmett Institute UCLA School of Law

The event will be webcasted live from the Fowler Museum at UCLA. You will receive an email with details on accessing the webcast upon registration.

The fossil fuel industry is responsible for decades of climate science disinformation and attempts to obstruct climate action. A recent scientific paper in Climatic Change for the first time quantifies the outsized role that carbon pollution traced to these companies has played in exacerbating climate impacts. In the face of the current climate change policy void at the federal level, legal experts are seriously exploring whether and how fossil fuel companies can be held liable.

A handful of recent lawsuits filed by cities and counties in California have put this issue front and center, and New York City also filed suit for climate damages on January 10. But the fossil fuel industry is fighting back—ExxonMobil is now threatening to countersue in California and has begun legal maneuvers that may be time-consuming and costly for the cities and counties.

Featuring scientific and legal experts, as well as perspectives from affected communities, the panel will address how companies involved in the extraction, production, and marketing of fossil fuels can be held to account for the ever-mounting costs of climate harms and preparation.

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Public Discussion: Buyout Best Practices in the Wake of Harvey

Please join the Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium for a public discussion of

Buyout Best Practices in the Wake of Harvey

Harris County has long had a program to buyout flood-prone homes and structures, ensuring people and structures are out of harm’s way and, further, that recurring costs do not befall the homeowner or the community. But, there is a broader opportunity for buyouts to be a part of a comprehensive multi-purpose strategy for assuring more resilient and livable neighborhoods, through coordination with flood control infrastructure, parks, and housing.

The Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium is bringing together leading experts on the topic of buyouts from across the country to share best practices and knowledge in order to inform and help guide local decision-makers during the region’s recovery from Harvey.

You are invited to join the Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium for the discussion on buyout best practices that will include:

  • How to work with (and around) federal requirements
  • How to coordinate with different agencies
  • How to utilize buyouts as part of an overall neighborhood strategy
  • How to address housing issues
  • How to build community support

Space is limited so registration is required.

Agenda and Panelists include

Introduction – Christof Spieler, project manager, Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium; vice president, Huitt-Zollars

Moderator – Kyle Shelton, program manager and fellow, Kinder Institute for Urban Research

Expert Panel

  • Dave Canaan, Mecklenburg County
  • Gavin Smith, UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Rachel Wider, New York State Homes and Community Renewal
  • Tom Chapman, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
  • Molly O’Toole, Molly O’Toole and Associates, LTD

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Edible Wild Plants

EdibleWildPlantsDiscover the delicious side of nature. Texas provides an abundance of wild edible leaves, seeds, flowers, roots, and shoots – if you know where to look. Learn where to find, how to identify, and how to properly prepare a seasonal selection of local edible plant species. As our landscape changes throughout the year, the selection of plants will change, so you can repeat the class each season to experience new content.

Class schedule: short classroom presentation followed by a long outdoor walk. Wear walking shoes and weather-appropriate clothing. Pen/pencil and a camera are recommended.

Instructor Bio: Dr. Mark Vorderbruggen is a research chemist and one of the Houston area’s most intrepid explorers.

$40 member / $70 nonmember
Ages 12 and up

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610 Entrance now open. Woodway Entrance closed until late Spring 2018. Map and directions available.