2012 Environmental Summit: Visions for a Greener Houston

The Visions for a Greener Houston 2012 environmental summit, was hosted by the CEC on February 9, 2012. Attendees participated in a series of thematic working sessions designed to foster CEC member collaboration, and focused on formulating collaborative tactical and actionable goals for improving the Houston Gulf Coast region’s natural and built environment. The Visions for a Greener Houston 2012 document is a summary of group discussions and input over the eight broad environmental topic areas covered in CEC’s Summit. The summit was intended to identify synergies and to foster
dialogue, collaboration and action by our community as a whole. We welcome
your input and comments to share with the group, and especially invite news
of your activities and progress in these subject areas, in order to promote
increased collaboration of efforts.

The CEC Visions for a Greener Houston document is the product of CEC’s unique
one‐day summit, sponsored by Green Bank and Reliant, and attended by over
125 of the region’s environmental leaders, representing over 50 active
environmental agencies and organizations. As the region’s premier agency
dedicated to fostering dialogue, education and collaboration across the
breadth of environmental concerns, CEC organized this vital and timely
opportunity for environmental leaders to assemble and identify tangible,
actionable items for the regional community to embrace throughout 2012. The
summit focused on key discussion topics, including: Transportation, Urban
Development and Blight; Air, Water, and Food Quality and Supply; Land,
Waterways and Flooding; Energy, Waste and Green Building. The document
summarizes ideas formulated in all eight sessions, offering insight for
improving the region’s natural and built environment throughout 2012. The
Visions document was presented to the City of Houston, the Houston-Galveston
Area Council, Harris County, the media and the public on Thursday, June 7,

The City of Houston’s Sustainability Director, Laura Spanjian, is currently
working to implement a city‐wide sustainability strategy. Laura noted that
“The CEC Summit and its proceedings is a strategic resource for Houston and
a logical starting point for the City of Houston when determining our
sustainability priorities. We hope to engage and draw upon the breadth of
experience throughout the environmental community, and we are already
looking forward to the 2013 summit”.

It is CEC’s goal that the Visions document be utilized by public agencies to
identify and prioritize issues, form partnerships with environmental
agencies, and collaborate on the achievable action items identified to
accomplish common goals.

June 8, 2012, article in the Houston Business Journal: Citizens’
Environmental Coalition unveils Visions for a Greener Houston report