CEC is pleased to welcome new bookkeeping intern Bill Nguyen

CEC is pleased to welcome Bill Nguyen, a student from the University of Houston, to our team. Bill is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting at the University of Houston. Bill is aiming to work in an alternative energy firm to promote and encourage a more clean energy that would reduce the use of nonrenewable energy. At CEC, Bill will be learning new skills while helping with regular bookkeeping, tax preparation, end-of-year reporting, and budgeting. He believes that working at CEC will help him get a head start and be able to understand the bookkeeping that is required in an environmental group. Should you have any concerns or interests, please feel free to contact Bill by email at Bill.Nguyen@cechouston.org.

CEC welcomes new program director Marina Rossow

Marina is a determined environmental steward who earned her non-profit chops with Katy Prairie Conservancy and Bayou Preservation Association. She began volunteering for the CEC in 2015 as a member of our Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour film selection committee. After successfully coordinating CEC volunteer efforts during 2016 and 2017 film festivals, she was promoted to our part-time program director. Marina has a BA in Economics/ Business Studies from the University of Sarajevo. Her life story is very interesting and not so easily arranged into a paragraph or two. Ask her about it when you see her. There are several topics she is passionate about: sustainability, permaculture, waste, education, equality, etc. She is also a stubborn amateur photographer and an unstoppable traveler. Marina is currently working on CEC’s Earth Day Trivia Contest, planned for April 30 at Saint Arnold Brewing Company. She will welcome all your comments and ideas about CEC’s programs and how to better serve Houston’s environmental community. Please feel free to contact Marina by email at marina@cechouston.org.