Houston City Council Agenda – October 24, 2017

This city will consider the following agenda items at the October 24, 2017, Houston Council Meeting. These agenda items are mostly related to contracts awarded to engineering companies to clean up storm-related debris and gradually improve storm sewer systems in the Houston area.

15 – Over $10.5 million from the Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Flood Events Fund will be used to install structures on flood plains, demolish/remove strcutures, relocate households, and develop green spaces in the neighborhoods of Braeburn Glen, Glenburnie and Cashiola, and Langwood. This will reduce flood prone homes in the future. Additional benefits include restoring floodplains to natural function of storing storm water, providing open space for the community (parks, playing fields), moving families to higher ground, and reducing future flood damages.

20 – A $10 million increase was granted to Tetra Tech by the City of Houston. Tetra Tech has had a contract with the City of Houston since 2007. After Hurricane Ike, Tetra Tech’s contract was increased to remove disaster-related debris. The reason for this increase is to assist with Hurricane Harvey debris cleanup. This includes field inspection, loading, transporting, and disposing of debris. They will be in contact with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to ensure compliance with regulations.

27 – Over $1.3 million to CivilTech Engineering, Inc to reduce structural flooding by improving storm drainage and streets at the intersection of Kempwood Drive (north), Buttermilk Creek (south), Palo Pinto Drive (east), Gessner Drive (west).

35 – Over $6.1 million granted to Conrad Construction Company, LTD from the DDSRF to upgrade sewers in the area bounded by Sam Houston Tollway (north) Sagedowne Lane (south), Sage Lane (east), and Sagemeadow Lane (west). The area has extreme structural flooding, poor storm sewers and streets. The upgrades include installing 8,400 feet of storm sewers.

The following agenda items are related to the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) program, which is to maintain, repair, or fix storm water drainage parts as needed. Work orders and locations are to be determined. All funds are appropriated from the Street & Traffic Control and Storm Drainage Dedicated Draining and Street Renewal Fund ( DDSRF).

28 – Over $1.2 million granted to Pape-Dawson Engineers, Inc.

29 – $216,000 granted to SES Horizon Consulting Engineers, Inc.

30 – $180,000 granted to United Engineers, Inc.

33 – $240,000 granted to R.G. Miller Engineers, Inc.

34 – $1.8 million granted to T Construction LLC.