LINK Houston seeks Director of Policy and Planning

LINK Houston seeks a highly-qualified professional as its first Director of Policy and Planning to build its programs and engage in coalition and community building around different forms of transportation, mobility, and infrastructure spending. LINK Houston seeks an energetic, dedicated, and organized person and envisions a team player to help guide and lead the organization’s work in establishing its initial policy priorities.

This person should be deeply committed to enhancing equitable transportation initiatives across the Houston region and a supporter of multi-modal transportation options for any thriving city or suburb.  This person should have years of experience working in the space and a deep understanding of the funding streams, regulatory environment, design, and the urban planning framework controlling transportation and mobility issues within the region.

LINK Houston is a new non-profit organization advocating for a diverse and robust transportation network for all people to connect to opportunity. The organization is building a broad-based coalition to support transformative and inclusive policies, systems, initiatives, and infrastructure development that connect people to opportunity by transit, walking, and biking. It moves ideas into action through public engagement and advocacy.

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