LINK Houston seeks a Director of Communications and Outreach

LINK Houston seeks a highly-qualified professional as its first Director of Communications and Outreach to develop its programs and engages in coalition and community building around different forms of transportation and infrastructure spending. LINK Houston’s formational Board of Directors believes in the power of people and will build a broad-based coalition among allies across Houston from neighborhood groups to business organizations to other civic-minded partners. While the primary beneficiaries will be Houstonians who walk, bike, ride transit, and use wheelchairs to connect with opportunities, all Houstonians benefit from better transportation infrastructure spending and the associated economic, environmental and health impacts created by supporting a city’s quality of life.

LINK Houston is a new non-profit organization advocating for a diverse and robust transportation network for all people to connect to opportunity. The organization is building a broad-based coalition to support transformative and inclusive policies, systems, initiatives, and infrastructure development that connect people to opportunity by transit, walking, and biking. It moves ideas into action through public engagement and advocacy.

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