ECONOTES 2011-10-26: Environmental Headlines for the Houston Region


  1. A drought for the centuries: It hasn’t been this dry in Texas since 1789 (Texas Climate News, 10/23/2011)
    Scientists at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory analyzed tree-ring data to calculate how drought conditions dating back hundreds of years (to 1550 in Texas) ranked on the standard Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI). According to their findings, 1789 was the only year that Texas’ PDSI number was as low as it was this summer. However, the current drought has brought new challenges included the record-low precipitation, the extreme summer heat, and the enormous wildfires.
  2. Ideology trumped science at Texas agency, two lawmakers say (Erin Mulvaney – Yahoo! News, 10/19/2011)
    Two Democratic state senators have spoken out against TCEQ for deleting information about the implications of global warming from “The State of the Bay 2010” report by John Anderson. TCEQ stated the organization did not want to include controversial implications about global warming in the report. The deletions were deemed “scientific censorship.”
  3. Get leaner and greener with homegrown food (Barbara Kessler – ABC13 News, 10/24/2011)
    Homegrown food can help you save money by cutting down your food bill as well as naturally broaden the amount of vegetables at your disposal. This could help many Americans get the amount and variety of vegetables needed for a healthy diet. It will also discourage wasting food as people will most likely be less willing to simply toss the food they have grown.