Houston Environmental News Update February 10, 2016

You have a day to recover after Valentine’s Day* before another emotion-laden ritual begins: early voting for primary elections. If you aren’t sick of politics yet, you can learn more from the League of Women Voters of the Houston Area (check out their video about the Primary Process in Texas), VoteTexas.org, or your local county clerk/chief elections officer. Remember, your vote impacts our environment. Your non-vote does so too.

* Some special opportunities for Valentine’s Day:

HMNS, Urban Harvest, Hermann Park Conservancy, Houston Arboretum, and many other organizations have some great environmental (and romantic) events coming up, so please be sure to check the calendar on the left, below the table of contents.

If you’d rather stay in, you can curl up on the couch and check out some of the films that we included in the Wild & Scenic Film Festival On Tour a few weeks ago. Not all are available, and many are previews or shorter versions, but we’ve put a playlist together on CEC’s Youtube channel. The playlist includes the excellent local films provided by and featuring the Houston Zoo and Katy Prairie Conservancy.

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Environmental Headlines for the Houston Region: February 7, 2015


  1. What Happened To Houston’s ‘One Bin For All’ Program? (Michael Hagerty – Houston Matters)
    “The One Bin For All recycling campaign seems to have stalled. The Parker administration issued a report in late December indicating no company has been found to handle sorting; the Turner administration does not appear to be focused on it. If the One Bin For All program seems destined to be shelved, what would be a better approach to recycling in Greater Houston? Maggie Martin talks with News 88.7’s Florian Martin about where the city’s recycling program stands now. ”
  2. Dates for Annual Crab Trap Removal Set (Texas Parks & Wildlife, 2/1/2016)
    “For more than a decade, countless volunteers have spent 10 days each February searching Texas bays for abandoned crab traps left to foul shrimpers’ nets, snag anglers’ lines and create unsightly views. This year, volunteers will clean up the crab traps from Feb. 19 to 28. During this 10-day period, coastal waters will be closed to crabbing with wire mesh crab traps. All other legal means of crabbing will not be affected. Any traps left in bays, including traps tied to docks, during the closure period will be assumed abandoned and considered “litter” under state law. This allows volunteers to legally remove any crab traps they find. To date, volunteers have hauled off more than 31,000 of these derelict traps.”
  3. San Jacinto Marsh Restoration Enters New Phase (Texas Parks & Wildlife, 2/3/2016)
    “The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is starting the next phase in an ongoing effort to restore the San Jacinto Battleground to its appearance in 1836. The restoration efforts, which date back to 1994, include reseeding prairie areas as well as marsh restorations on more than 120 acres so far. The impending phase of the restoration will recreate approximately 101 acres of marsh in an area known as Santa Anna Bayou and a portion of Boggy Bayou, a tributary of Santa Anna Bayou. This area of the battleground has subsided about 10 feet in past decades, creating an open water lake that has replaced the bayou and adjacent marsh existing at the time of the battle.”

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