Environmental Headlines for the Houston Region: July 27, 2015


  1. Houston Area Huge Winner In State Money For Water (Dave Fehling – Houston Public Media, 7/23/2015)
    “Millions of gallons fresh water flows across the Lake Livingston dam. It joins water from Lake Houston and Lake Conroe to eventually be used in thousands of homes. But the demand is growing with so many people moving here. Billions of dollars is needed to expand water treatment plants and build new pipelines to take lake water as far as Fort Bend County’s fast growing subdivisions. Two years ago, Texas voters overwhelmingly approved funding for just such projects. Thursday morning, the Texas Water Board took the big next step, approving nearly $4 billion dollars in financing statewide. A huge chunk of that — about $3 billion — will go to finance that treatment plant and pipeline project in Harris and Fort Bend Counties.”
  2. Houston’s master plan is to ‘turn the city green’ (Robert Stanton – Houston Chronicle, 7/21/2015)
    “As Houston continues to grow, officials are working to set aside enough green space for parks and other recreational amenities to accommodate the city’s burgeoning population. To make that happen, the city of Houston’s Parks and Recreation Department is revisiting its Parks Master Plan, and is seeking the public’s input on the types of parks and amenities in their communities. The plan is reviewed every five to seven years. Citywide, 21 geographical areas have been targeted and assessed to create individual park sector plans that make up the Draft 2015 Parks Master Plan. The parks department is accepting public comments through July 31.”
  3. CLCWA moves forward with Phase 1 Exploration Green excavation (The Bay Area Citizen, 7/24/2015)
    “The Clear Lake City Water Authority plans to move forward with the excavation of the Exploration Green Phase 1 flood detention area in the fall time frame. The CLCWA is setting in motion a pilot excavation after Harris County Flood Control District approved a transfer to the Water Authority of about 20 acres of drainage ditch property at the site. CLCWA is requesting permits from the City of Houston and Harris County for the excavation with a planned completion of the initial detention pond area in mid-2016. The Phase 1 pond area, located behind the Clear Lake City Recreation Center and between Diana Ln., Reseda Dr. and Ramada Dr., will be dry initially except for naturally occurring water from rain and groundwater as a permit request to add treated reuse water continues through a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality review process.”


  • 24 July
    • CLCWA moves forward with Phase 1 Exploration Green excavation (The Bay Area Citizen)
    • Scientists Awarded $118,000 To Study Impact Of BP Oil Spill On Coastal Residents (Fernando Ramirez – Houston Public Media)
    • The Texas Drought’s Over, But The Texas Slow-Motion Water Crisis Is Not (Mose Buchele and Ben Philpott – StateImpact)
    • Oil Prices Spell Bad News For Texas Budget Forecast (Mose Buchele – StateImpact)
    • In Big Bend, Pipeline Opponents Claim Small Victory (Jim Malewitz – The Texas Tribune)
    • Toilet to Frac: Legal and Practical Aspects of Using Municipal Effluent for Fracing in Texas (Gabriel Collins – JDSUPRA Business Advisor)
    • Texas Takes Firm Stance Toward Local Environmental Fines (Law 360)
  • 23 July
  • 22 July
    • AAH and t.e.j.a.s. Continue the Fight for Healthy Texas Ports (Adrian Shelley – airCurrent News)
    • Lawsuit Challenges Loopholes in New EPA Rule Exempting Wetlands and Streams From Clean Water Act Protections (Center for Biological Diversity)
    • Landowner workshop planned for Lufkin, Overton (Texas Forest Service) (WN News)
  • 21 July
    • Houston’s master plan is to ‘turn the city green’ (Robert Stanton – Houston Chronicle)
    • Texas cities look to dim the lights to prevent urban glow (Matthew Tresaugue, Houston Chronicle – Star-Telegram)
    • Interactive Map: Get From Houston To Galveston On Public Transit (Gail Delaughter – Houston Public Media)
    • TWDB to consider approving $3.9B for State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (WaterWorld)
    • Comments on EPA’s EJ 2020 Action Agenda Framework (Adrian Shelley – airCurrent News)
    • State looks to make treacherous FM 149 safer (Matthew Tresaugue – Houston Chronicle)
    • Texas cities look to dim the lights to prevent urban glow (SF Gate)
    • Shallow fracking raises questions for water, new research shows (Phys.org)
    • We’re exposed to hormone-disrupting BPA just by breathing (Amy Westervelt – The Guardian)
  • 20 July
    • In Texas, Drought is Done (Kiah Collier – The Texas Tribune)
    • Keeping Houses Out of Texas Floodwaters Could Cost Billions (Dave Fehling – StateImpact)
    • Jesse Jones Park announces August programs, events (The Atascocita Observer)
    • 2 Barges Collide Near Entrance To Houston Ship Channel (Laurie Johnson – Houston Public Media)
    • On behalf of communities across the United States, Earthjustice files suit for government violation of civil rights laws (Sarah Lazare – San Diego Free Press)
    • Rains Boost Lakes, Fish Stocking (Texas Parks & Wildlife)
    • No ruling likely before spring in dead zone lawsuit (SF Gate)
    • Oil reserve a security asset, not an ATM, senator says (Jennifer A. Dlouhy – San Antonio Express-News)
    • El Nino could mean more flash flooding for Central Texas through next year (Jared M Plushnick – KHOU News)
  • 18 July
  • 17 July
    • EPA honors Texas students for combatting arsenic levels (EP NewsWire)
  • 16 July
    • TPW Commission Holds Special Meeting on Chronic Wasting Disease (Texas Parks & Wildlife)
    • Zebra mussels still a major threat to local waters (Sachse News)
    • State ‘benches’ Houston air quality monitor, but crowdfunding could save the day (News Fix)
  • 15 July

Baylor College of Medicine seeks Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant

The Department of Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) in Houston, Texas, is seeking a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant with a passion for environmental health and community medicine to join its multidisciplinary team. BCM’s Environmental Health Service (EHS) currently focuses primarily on clinical care, outcomes and risk-assessment research, professional education, and community outreach—with particular attention to air quality, healthy homes, and environmental justice issues in the Houston- Galveston metropolitan area. In addition to seeing patients in the clinics, this person will make home (or other) field visits to help develop and oversee exposure reduction action plans, assist with patient medical compliance, and oversee field-based exposure reduction. For the right candidate, this position offers a flexible schedule and relatively small caseload, allowing for extended continuity of care.

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